Multipurpose stretchers for the whole patient moving and transport chain, in ambulances and other vehicles approved for stretcher transport

Pensi’s stretchers adjust thoroughly to moving a patient. The patient can be moved and transported ergonomically in most cases with the same stretcher from the starting point to a care facility.

Pensi’s stretchers are easy and ergonomic for the professional care and transport personnel to handle, and comfortable and safe for the patients. The multifunctional stretcher can be adjusted if needed to a chair position, it fits into narrow spaces and overcomes the challenges of loading into a vehicle. And it doesn’t weigh or require more space than a traditional push stretcher – on the contrary!

Multipurpose stretchers, other moving and transportation devices, as well as innovative optional accessories, can be used to create a full solution that meets your needs exactly. Because the devices are built on unique solutions, you should consider how their multifunctionality compares to other devices on the market.

Get in touch, and let’s plan together a solution to moving and transporting patients.