Parensi trolley

The lightweight and durable Parensi trolley solves the problems associated with patient transfer in confined spaces. If necessary, all four of the wheels can turn, so the trolley can be turned in small spaces.

The height can be easily adjusted to an appropriate working height or to suit the patient’s wishes. The lightweight stretcher addresses patient transportation challenges with a loading capacity of up to 200kg.

You will require a tail lift or a ramp on your vehicle to load the Parensi stretcher. As the Parensi trolley is designed to travel on its wheels all of the time, it is best suited to transfers between hospitals rather than ambulance use.

Accessories for the Pensi Parensi trolley
Mattress with vacuum pillow
– 4-point belts
– IV pole
– Rear pull handle
– Transfer sheet

Compatible platform and fastening system
Floor locking »

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