Pensi 2000MA multifunctional stretcher for ambulances and patient transfers

The Pensi 2000MA multifunctional stretcher addresses various challenging use cases and improves the ergonomics of patient transportation. In the upright position, the stretcher fits into small lifts and can be manoeuvred in narrow, awkward stairwells with ease. The Pensi 2000MA stretcher enables you to minimise the need for strenuous working positions.

In most cases, the Pensi 2000MA stretcher enables the entire patient transfer to be safely carried out by one person. Thanks to its large wheels, the stretcher moves with ease on different platforms; two of the wheels have brakes. Patients who have undergone back surgery can be loaded onto the stretcher and transported in a horizontal position.

The structure and functionality of the lightweight and ergonomic Pensi 2000MA multifunctional stretcher is patented. The stretcher meets the requirements of the EN1865 / EN1789 standards as applicable.

Accessories for the Pensi 2000MA multifunctional stretcher
– Mattress with vacuum pillow part
– 4-point belts
– IV pole
– Rear pull handle
– Plastic compartment for small items
– Transfer sheet
– Stair cylinder

Platforms and fastening systems that are compatible with the Pensi 2000MA multifunctional stretcher
Basic plarform »
Multifunctional lifter »
Ergomy loading system »

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