Multifunctional stretchers for ambulances and the entire patient transfer chain

Pensi’s multifunctional stretchers can be adapted for all patient transfer situations and almost all vehicle sizes. The patient can be ergonomically transported on the same stretcher from the initial location to the hospital.

Pensi’s stretchers are easy and ergonomic to handle and comfortable for the patient. The multifunctional stretchers can be changed from a horizontal to an upright position, and they fit into tight spaces and address the challenges of loading patients. They do not weigh more than ordinary stretchers or take up any more space – quite the opposite.

Multifunctional stretchers, other patient transportation products and innovative accessories can be combined to build a unique solution that precisely suits your requirements. Because the products are based on unique solutions, their multifunctional features should be compared with other products on the market. Find out more and plan a solution together with Pensi’s experts.