Pensi Rescue Oy

Pensi is a trendsetter in the patient transportation sector with advanced concepts that have reshaped the entire industry over several decades. We aim to continue addressing the challenges of patient transportation – this is why we continuously develop our products to suit real use cases.

Pensi’s ambulance and patient transportation products are well known around the world for their high quality, durability and unique innovations. We have focused all of our product development and production work on making patient transportation and paramedics’ work easier and more streamlined. A clear focus on our own core expertise guarantees our ability to offer the most advanced products on the market with low life-cycle costs.

Pensi has launched numerous innovations, including steel stretchers in the 1970s, multifunctional stretchers with a composite structure in the 1990s and electrically assisted loading in the 2000s.
Pensi’s innovative solutions are already used in several countries. Our own production and product development units are located in Finland but we develop products to meet the demands of local markets in partnership with local users and partners. We always strive to forge long-term partnerships. We aim to help our customers improve their working environments and working practices, as well as the cost-efficiency of patient transportation.



Over 50 years of research and development, we have addressed challenges large and small related to patient transportation. Our goal is to make the work of paramedics easier by eliminating physical lifting and bad working postures throughout the entire patient transfer chain. We continuously develop our products in cooperation with users to suit real use cases.

We study advanced material options to identify the most durable and highest quality solutions before anyone else in the world. We introduced the world’s first steel stretcher in the 1970s. In the 1990s we switched to manufacturing stretchers from lightweight composite material – another world first.

Pensi is well known around the world for innovative solutions that reshape the entire industry. The idea of our multifunctional stretcher has revolutionised the entire patient transfer process and enabled better ergonomics. As a pioneer in the sector, we have launched solutions such as electrically assisted loading, which makes patient transfers safer and easier. Find out more about the history of our research and development here »

Thanks to our active research and development, our solutions also have the lowest operating costs on the market. Cost-effectiveness is a result of the quality and durability of the products, as well as their adaptability to different needs. We are constantly developing innovative accessories that make stretchers and other patient transportation products more versatile.



The high quality of Pensi’s products is due to advanced materials, over 50 years of research and development and extensive experience in manufacturing ambulance products. We continuously develop our products to address market needs, which is why our production unit and research and development unit are located under the same roof.

We use lightweight and durable composite materials to manufacture our main products. Products with composite structures are suitable for challenging operating conditions and are easy to clean.

When we began to manufacture stretchers from composite structures in the 1990s, we were the first company in the world to do so. Even today, many other companies still manufacture stretchers from metal.

Pensi has decades of experience in manufacturing ambulance and patient transportation products. We are continuously studying new, advanced material options and developing our products in collaboration with users.



Pensi’s innovative devices are transforming the working methods of paramedics, but most importantly, our devices are reliable and durable. We take it seriously that our devices work well and that our customers can run their daily operations smoothly. We provide service until the end of the device life cycle – we will not just disappear after the sales has been made.


Pensi’s devices are CE marked Class I medical devices. They meet the requirements of both new EU Medical Devices Regulation (2017/745) and applicable parts of standards 1865 and 1789.