Versatile ambulance products provide savings and improve ergonomics

Pensi’s multifunctional ambulance products improve the quality and efficiency of patient transportation. We offer the lightest and most durable patient transfer solutions on the market with low operating costs.

According to user feedback and a study by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Pensi’s products improve ergonomics at work, while reducing the burden on paramedics and making their work more efficient. All of the challenges of patient transportation were addressed in the design of the products, throughout the lifting, transportation and loading phases. Pensi’s ambulance and patient transfer products are so easy to use that they can be used by one person in most situations – ergonomically and safely.

By choosing Pensi’s products, you are also choosing an easier, lighter way of working. We make sure that you are using the solution that provides best value for money and functionality over the long term. We do not disappear after the sale is made – we can help you use the products and develop your patient transfer chain. The products can withstand heavy use and, if necessary, they can be maintained efficiently and quickly.

Pensi’s products are based on unique, innovative solutions. This is why you should compare their functionality with other products on the market. Working with one of Pensi’s experts, it is easy to plan an overall solution to meet your needs. Contact us and let us solve your patient transportation challenges!