Multipurpose devices bring savings and improve ergonomics

Pensi’s multipurpose devices improve the quality and efficiency of moving and transporting patients. We provide professional care and transport personnel with light and durable solutions for moving and transporting patients – with low operating costs. Pensi’s devices are based on innovative and unique solutions. That’s why you should consider how their multifunctionality compares to other devices on the market.

According to user experiences and a study by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Pensi’s devices improve professional care and transport personnel’s ergonomics, and make their work lighter and more efficient. The most common challenges professional users face when lifting, moving and loading patients to a vehicle have been considered already in the design of Pensi’s devices. Devices intended for moving and transporting patients are easy to use, and on even surface some of Pensi’s devices such as stretchers can be operated by a single user.

By choosing Pensi’s devices, you are also choosing an easier and lighter way of working. We make sure you have the solution that is cost-efficient and works in the long run. We won’t disappear after the sales, but will help you to use the devices and develop patient moving and transport chain. The devices can endure even rough handling. If you need, we’ll service the devices, efficiently and quickly of course.

Pensi’s devices are CE marked Class I medical devices. They meet the requirements of both new EU Medical Devices Regulation (2017/745) and applicable parts of standards 1865 and 1789.

The full solution for your needs is easiest to plan together with Pensi’s experts. Get in touch, and let’s find a solution together to your challenges in moving and transporting patients.